SWIFT | 2.5G USB-C to Ethernet Adapter

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Upgrade your Gigabit Ethernet to the new limits of faster. Invested in your network and NAS drives, and replace your dodgy 1Gbps ethernet port. Fully realized the advantage of Xfinity's 1.2gb/s download speed and should fairly consistently be able to get you around 1.4gb/s.

Up to 2500Mbps. Suitable for your USB-C NAS, laptops, phones, and tablets. Definitely an essential Ethernet Adapter to whom require the highest data speed.
Most Advanced Realtek Chipset - RTL8156, provides you with a fast and stable wire speed.
Extended freedom: Built-in Cable up to 21.5cm, leave space for the main device to avoid any kind of interference.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of 2.5gbe type c adapter that works with the M1 Macs, this one works!

Not flimsy and not sensitive to any kind of movement, no worry on disconnects, and will not reconnect often when touched.


2500Mbps Ethernet Speed

Plug into any laptop or desktop limited to 1000 Ethernet, or even no Ethernet port at all, and benefit from a faster 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet network. (Also works on 10/100/1000 Ethernet networks.)

USB 3.0 systems support theoretical maximum transfer speeds up to 5Gbps while USB 2.0 supports up to 480Mbps, but the actual speed varies on the different situations and devices.

*Using at least a CAT5e/CAT6 ethernet cable, and the USB version is USB 3.0 standard of your device.

Double the Gigabit Performance

Words to Say

Words to Say

Universal Compatibility


Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8.x, and 7
macOS 10.7 and above
Linux kernel 3.2 and above (basic support, install driver or update to 5.x kernel for full support)
Supported on up-to-date Chrome OS systems

*Noted: Make sure you have got the latest driver (from Realtek). ❗️macOS CATALINA and earlier needs driver to be installed for the best perfomance.


Compatible with:
· Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4

Not Compatible with

Nintendo Switch. ❌

ARM-based Windows RT and Windows Mobile ❌

Most Android devices❌

TiVo Series ❌

Wii, or other non-PC/Mac platforms ❌

PS4 ❌

*Our support team would be more than happy to help,

contact us here.



Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Connections: USB-C --> Ethernet

Product Size: 2.6 x 1.0 x 0.7 inches  

Cable Length: 8.5 inches

Speed: 2.5 Gbps, also 1000Mbps / 1000Mbps / 10Mbps / 1Mbps

Color: Gray

Chipset Info: RTL8156

LED Lights: Two LED Lights


*View USB-A to 1G Or *View USB-C to 1G.

Or * USB A to Ethernet + 3 USB

Or * USB C to Ethernet + 3 USB.



It is plug and play. No software required. But you have to make sure you have got the latest driver (from Realtek). ❗️macOS CATALINA and earlier needs driver to be installed for the best perfomance.

Reached out for our support team when you needed.


to reach Gigabit speed, a Gigabit adapter is just one of the factors, you may check this article out :) 

*IMPORTANT: To reach 2.5Gbps, make sure to use CAT6 & up ethernet cable.

Yes, we guarantee a lifetime warranty. If the cable was broken when sending to you, or simply can't be used, we will resend you a new one. For long term service please sign up for our lifetime warranty member.


This adapter works fine with the MBP 2018 that has Thunderbolt 3. Also perfectly fine with MacBook Air (Late 2018 and newer); iMac (Mid 2017 and newer), iMac Pro; Mac Mini (Late 2018 and newer) and more.

YES. It has two flashing indicator lights. One is the power supply status indicator. The other indicates the state of the link.