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Унет | Концентратор USB-C (6 в 1) | ПД

Этот ключ имеет широкий спектр портов: USB-A, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, 100 Вт PD, а также один Порт данных USB-C. Поддержите все ваши устаревшие устройства USB-A — мышь, клавиатуру или внешний жесткий диск. Замена нескольких других одноцелевых Адаптеры USB-C.

  • Порт данных USB-C 5 Гбит/с
  • Ethernet 1 Гбит/с/100 Мбит/с/10 Мбит/с
  • 2 х USB-A USB 3.0, 5 Гбит/с, 0,9 А
  • USB-C ПД до 100 Вт
  • HDMI 4K при 30 Гц / 1440P при 60 Гц / 1080P при 120 Гц

*Просмотреть все uni hubs

Really Expanding I/O

High-Performance Connectivity. Anywhere

USB C Data

Up to 5 Gbps. (Only data)

One USB-C data transfer port, allows you to connect your USB-C device to your laptop with fast speed transfer.

Highly recommend this as an all-in-one USB C hub for anyone who is moving towards using USB C accessories over older types of USB.


USB 3.0 x 2

Up to 5 Gbps, 5V 0.9A.

Adding two USB 3.0 slots, connect your USB peripherals (keyboard, mouse, hard drives, flash disks, adapter, and so on) to your laptop.

Quickly and reliably, transfer files, photos, videos with less waiting.


USB-C PD Fast Charge

Up to 100W. (Only power)

USB-C Power Delivery charging port, which can provide up to 100W power input.

Maintaining your laptop with enough power for day-long working.

*The hub will take about 10W to run, we recommend using 65W or up charger.

Get All Workflow Down Efficiently. Anytime.


4K@30Hz, compatible with 2K@60Hz, 1080P, etc.

Extend your laptop/tablet to displays, enjoy 4K video on your bigger screen. No more having to use / buy a different USB-HDMI adapter for your monitor and lose a space.

Convenient for multitasking, do more things with less chaos using multiple displays. *Please make sure your USB-C port supports display output.


Gigabit Ethernet

Up to 1Gbps, also 100Mbps / 10Mbps / 1Mbps.

Use the ethernet port for guaranteed reliable connectivity which is invaluable during zoom meetings (if nothing else, to put your mind at ease and lets you focus on the meeting). 

An option of having an ethernet port when WiFi signals are weak, which won’t drop that often, and no more choppy video calls.


All in One Hub

Allowed you to remove six adapters for just one.

uni 6-in-1 Hub = 1 x USB C Adapter + 2 x USB 3.0 Adapter + 1 x PD + 1 x USB-C Ethernet Adapter + 1 x USB-C to HDMI Adapter

A Full-Metal Construction

Compact Design & Full-Metal Construction

Well-positioned ports and reasonable design provide enough space to use all ports. You can easily plug in cables or adapters with wide space between every port. The design is small and exquisite, it does not take up space and keeps the desk tidy, and it is easy to carry even when working outside.

The aluminum construction of this unit is quite robust and gives off a premium feel when compared to some of the plastic dongles you’ll find elsewhere. Metal not only is stronger, it ought to aid in cooling the internal electronics since the case serves as a heat sink.

The braided cable makes the hub more durable. And it is about 6 inches long, which should be flexible in most conditions.