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How to Pick back-to-school Tech, plus, Gear for Remote Study

сентябрь 07, 2022 7 мин читать

Gear for Remote Students/ Teachers

Credit to shutterstock

School is starting up again, and that means it's time to get your gear in order. Virtual learning now has a permanent place in many students ' lives, one way or another.

Whether you're returning to school or just starting out, having all the right gear will help students start the year off on the right foot. Everyone knows having a good Chromebook or laptop helps. Or even a reliable tablet or iPad can make going back to school a little less painful. Actually, you do NOT need all the high-end tech in order to do well at college.

If you can (and you should), save as much money as you can while at college, pay your tuition in full and student loans as soon as possible instead of spending on expensive things like fancy tech gadgets.

You can start by thinking about what works best for you.


A. How to pick a right laptop for you or your love?

How to pick a right laptop for you or your love?

Credit to @pragyan93