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by Pumpkin Wood March 15, 2022 3 min read

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Arbor Day is a secular day of observance in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant trees. –wiki

In China, the date will be on March 12 every year.

Before the Internet developed rapidly, we used to draw on blackboards in school on Arbor Day, and do the paper cut painting homework for tree-planting related.

However, with the rapid development of technology today, online tree planting is becoming more and more popular.

You may have heard that “China aims to raise its overall forest coverage rate to 24.1% by the end of 2025 from 23.04% at the end of last year.”

You have to know that it took about 3 generations of hard work to get the number 23.04%.




Ant Forest (Chinese: 蚂蚁森林, pinyin: Mǎyǐ sēnlín) is a scheme launched on Alipay mobile client by Ant Financial Services Group in August 2016. –wiki

The carbon emissions reduced by each person's green living behavior can be scientifically calculated as virtual "green energy".

Which would be counted and converted into virtual "green energy" and users could use these energies to raise a virtual tree in their Ant Forest account.

In the meanwhile, when you reach the limit, it would be converted into a real tree and planted in some real areas in China, after converting you begin to start planting a new tree, online, not exclusively on the Arbor Day.

Arbor Day Planted Tree Online in uni


This means that Ant Forest not only drives the public's daily "low-carbon life", but also forms a mutual incentive with the "ecological restoration".

Moreover, long-term "carbon reduction effect" and "biodiversity protection" brought about by continuous greening and afforestation. 

Of course, there will be voices of doubt, and some people worry about whether the trees only exist on the Internet, and no real trees are actually planted.

In the face of doubts, Ant Forest replied that there will be maintenance and management of the planted plots, and a third party will be responsible for verification and acceptance.

Those follow-up investigations will be conducted again, and the maintenance work will be entrusted to professional institutions. 

However, according to the "2020-2021 Alibaba Group Social Responsibility Report" released by Alibaba, 220 million real trees will be planted in Ant Forest in 2020.

Actually, Ant Forest currently has 550 million people participating and 223 million trees have been planted in 5 years.

At present, there are more than 20 low-carbon scenarios connected to Alipay Ant Forest. Which covering paper reduction and plastic reduction, online errands, green travel, and recycling.

The cumulative carbon emission reduction exceeds 12 million tons. 

Well, compared with the country's investment, Ant Forest has not done enough, whether it is the total amount of trees planted or the total area.

However, it has successfully awakened the environmental protection awareness of more than 500 million Chinese people. And has witnessed the rapid development of low-carbon environmental protection actions.

It is popular in China.” Not exclusively on the Arbor Day.

“China aims to raise its overall forest coverage rate to 24.1% by the end of 2025. From 23.04% at the end of last year. Which, according to its forest and grassland five-year plan published.”
Well, you have to know that it took about 3 generations of hard work to get the number 23.04%.




First of all, package.  

uni keeping the very neat packaging without any superfluous, fancy materials since 2016. All our product lines keep this principle. (The only different package contributed to the crowdfunding hub so far)


Arbor Day uni's Packages


Next, uni's recycling plan. 

Currently we can cover 30% - 40% of all returns for recycling.
And our plan is to increase the recycling rate to 50-70% in the next 3-5 years.

Compared to those who choose to throw the returned products, we have our own ideas.

Recycling, as opposed to destroying. It means returns back to our factory, determining what condition the returned products are in, and decide how to re-use them.

Recycling means more quality inspection procedures. All recycling is definitely more time-consuming, expensive, and more labor-intensive compare to direct destruction. However, we believe that such recycling is meaningful.

Right now, it is impossible for us to recycle 100% of all products like Apple.

Well, we won't back down and will do the best we can at this stage. We will stick with it, and let more people know about uni.

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