¿Qué hace que USB-C sea diferente de USB Tipo-A y B?

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The Universal Serial Bus (USB) was invented in 1994 to standardize external connections to electronic devices such as laptops or smartphones. Over the years, the use of USBs has increased exponentially—thanks to their convenience and cost-effectiveness. Besides, it has largely substituted other traditionally used interfaces such as serial ports worldwide.

Thereby, with significant demand in the market comes substantial progression. The quality of USBs has vastly improved, its selections have hugely diversified, and USB-C is the newest revolution in the world of USBs.

Although the technology of USB-C made its debut way back in 2014, it has only recently received widespread recognition.

So how are USB-C charging cables any different from USB Type-A or USB Type-B, and why is it often referred to as the best charging cable?

What makes USB-C different from USB Type-A and B?

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Unlike previous USB cables, the USB-C connection cables are more ergonomic and suitable for the current generation. Firstly, the USB-C wires are smaller and relatively compact, making them easier to carry around.


On top of that, the connectors are more rounded and (here’s the exciting part!) symmetrical. This means that you can connect the USB-C charging cables to your devices regardless of their orientation—it works from both sides!


Finally, USB-C cables usually support backward compatibility with USB-A devices. For years, USB-A has been the predominant type of cable interface, so it's no doubt that many users may still have devices with only USB-A ports. Fortunately, USB-Cs can be easily connected to these ports with the help of a suitable adapter, without any compromises in performance.




A fast and safe charging rate is almost always favored, and for that reason alone, USB-C is a better choice of charging cable. According toBusiness Insider, when a classic charging cable is connected to your phone, it may charge up to 30% in 30 minutes. On the contrary, a suitable USB-C charging cable can charge up to 55% (or higher!) in the same 30 minutes.


This difference is primarily because USB-C cables generally have a higher power delivery capacity than USB Type A and B. Therefore, USB-C cables can channel more power into compatible electronic devices and directly translate into faster charging.


Take ourbest USB-C to USB-C charging cable, for example. The built-in e-Marker Chip in our cables ensures our users receive optimal power output to facilitate fast charging and data transfer (up to 480Mbps). Moreover, the firm and flexible cable connection provides a stable power supply to connected devices and makes it the perfect charging cable for many!



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Although USB Type A and B have been around for a longer time than USB Type-C, the latter is rapidly gaining approval from the public. In fact, in 2019, themarket value for USB Type C cables rose to 7.9 billion. That being the case, it’s safe to say USB-C connecting cables are the new “inn-thing” of the decade.


More and more digital companies (Intel, Xiaomi, Apple, and many more!) are manufacturing products with built-in compatibility to Type-C cables. USB-C ports are gradually being added to more devices, with the goal of eventually replacing the traditional USB-A ports. On that account, it’s probably a good idea to buy devices with USB-C compatibility or buy USB-C adapters so you don’t miss out on the perks of having access to USB-C.



In the context of USBs, data transfer capacity refers to the rate and limits of transferring data files such as videos, audio, or documents from one device to another through a USB cable connection. Most USB-C charging cables are designed to accommodate multi-line operations of data transfer. Consequently, a higher data transfer rate is achieved, allowing faster performance and more efficient data syncing.


As a matter of fact, USB-C cables are commonly known for carrying and playing high‐resolution 4K and 8K video on large screens like TVs or car screens without bothersome lagging. Moreover, processes such as backing up photos from your phone to the desktop can happen seamlessly in a matter of minutes.




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