HDMI Cable with Ethernet

July 02, 2022 4 min read

HDMI Cable with ethernet

HDMI Cable With Ethernet -Its Superiority Over WiFi

HDMI cable, especially the 1.4 version was designed to carry an ethernet connection. Data streaming can now be easily done without a separate ethernet cable.

HDMI cable with ethernet offers the perfect solution for all your fun activities. If you have a Blue Ray player, video gaming console, or television, the sole reliance on WiFi may turn out to be an ugly affair.

Is HDMI Better than Wi-Fi?

Although WiFi brings life to all dead zones of the house, it has disadvantages. And its weaknesses receive attention when compared with an HDMI cable with ethernet. Wifi's data transfer speed is lower and the connection is uncertain.

HDMI Cable with Ethernet

On the other side, HDMI cables, in some cases, are superior to WiFi. An HDMI cable with ethernet provides a fast flow of speed while ensuring the greatest connectivity. Also, a good HDMI built stops the risk of electrical interference, ensuring the unbroken flow of digital signal.


How Does HDMI cable with ethernet work?

HDMI cable with internet mainly handles many types of data. Many wires inside the HDMI cord perform various functions. Not only does it ensure the transfer of HD video, but also carries audio signals.

Furthermore, HDMI standards (beginning from 2.1) introduced a separate ethernet channel. HDMI has received spotlight attention by combining all modes (A/V and ethernet) of communication in one cable.

An HDMI cord with a braided shield guards from penetration of electrical interference. If you want to yield the most out of an HDMI cable, make sure you choose the best. To know what an all-powerful and extremely durable looks like, you can tap here.

But NOT all devices are capable of utilizing the ethernet data channel of HDMI, leading to another juicy question.

Can HDMI Cable be Used for the internet?

HDMI 1.4 is designed to do away with the need for extra ethernet wire in your home entertainment system. Data streaming, now, can be done without a separate ethernet cable.

But there is a possibility that your device may not get the advantage of the HDMI ethernet channel. For a device to receive internet through HDMI, it must have HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC). Interestingly, as HDMI is positioned to reign the world, the chances of a device not carrying HEC is near ZERO.


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You can connect more than one device with an HDMI cable which also qualifies for ethernet. Many HDMI-connected devices can now share a single standard Ethernet connection to a broadband router at a 100 Mb/sec speed.

But this capability is rarely used on mobile devices.


What Devices You Can Connect with Ethernet Enabled HDMI?

HDMI with Ethernet only works if the device has a functional HDMI Ethernet Channel.  Since the introduction of HDMI version 1.4 in 2009, most devices now offer this feature.

Link: HDMI cable Types: Summary of everything on internet.

Here is a list of known devices that contain the HDMI Ethernet Channel.


Blue Ray Player

Blu-ray players are notoriously famous for frequent wifi disconnect. But HDMI cable with ethernet provides a solution to this problem. Not only does it guarantee unstoppable internet connectivity, but also adds an excellent entertainment experience.



With 61.3 million users, Roku is revolutionizing video streaming. Roku lets you enjoy channels like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and YouTube right on your TV.

But to get involved in such a great visual experience that Roku provides, a top-notch HDMI cable is a must-have. There are many versions of HDMI, new beating the previous one. Which version you should buy depends on many factors.



PCs are not immune from this big boost in the audio/ visual domain. After all, HDMI cables were designed for PCs so that you could watch high-definition videos and play games with realistic visuals.

The HDMI Ethernet Channel is built into the current GPUs, so you can simply connect your HDMI cable to the GPU's HDMI port on the back of your processing unit and then to your monitor.

Using several cords, you can connect many monitors to your PC in one go.

Or, if you want your gears to stay 24/7 connected to one display, you can use this simple hack.

Difference Between HDMI Switch and Splitter: Which Is Better for You?


Xbox One

The Xbox One is no exception, as it offers the HDMI Ethernet Channel. This allows users to view the top online Xbox games in excellent quality.

If you're a streamer who wants to share your gaming sessions on social media, an HDMI cable with ethernet is a fantastic choice. For a super gaming experience, you should have a 4k high-speed HDMI cable.


HDMI ethernet enabled devices


PlayStation 4 (PS4)

PS4 is the most desirable gaming console in the world. According to statistics, 166 million units of PS4 were only sold in 2021. As it has multiplayer games, and VR support (which Xbox lacks), PS4 is fanatically popular for its multiplayer games and VR support options, Which Xbox lacks.

PS4 Pro was designed with 4K at 30Hz or 1080p at 60Hz with HDR, it's recommended to go with a fine-built HDMI cable, or HDMI 2.0. If you want your screen never to get stuck and your video runs smoothly, you can't miss thishigh-resolution HDMI cable. 


HDMI Cable With Ethernet: Final Words from UNI

To truly remain connected with the outer world you need a Wifi as well as an ethernet. Undoubtedly, the world is heading towards wireless. And WiFi is the future. But, to completely reject the value that an HDMI cable with ethernet offers will not be plausible. HDMI cables are still the best solution for all your entertainment needs, especially for those who love video streaming.


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