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USB C to DisplayPort Cable (4K@60Hz)-3ft/6ft/10ft
USB C to DisplayPort Cable (4K@60Hz)-3ft/6ft/10ftUSB C to DisplayPort Cable (4K@60Hz)-3ft/6ft/10ftUSB C to DisplayPort Cable (4K@60Hz)-3ft/6ft/10ftUSB C to DisplayPort Cable (4K@60Hz)-3ft/6ft/10ftUSB C to DisplayPort Cable (4K@60Hz)-3ft/6ft/10ft

USB-C to DisplayPort Cable (4K@60Hz) 

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USD 24.99USD 19.99
3 ft/1m6 ft/1.8m10 ft/3m


Provide up to 2K@144Hz, 4K (3840 x 2160)@60Hz immersive digital display connection (video & audio) between DP-enabled USB-C devices and DP-enabled TVs, monitors, and projectors. 

Support MST Daisy Chaining.

   3m: For extended freedom across the room.

1.8m: Perfect length for office / business / home setup.

    1m: Less clutter for tidy workspace, frustration-free travel size.  

  • Reliable official website

  • $75+ US orders free delivery

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Guaranteed safe checkout

High-performance for Professional

DP 1.2 High-def Performance Ultra-HD video resolution up to 4K(3840 x 2160)@60Hz, 2K@165Hz.

HDCP 2.2 Compatible Stream protected content from Netflix / Hulu / iTunes / Direct TV and more.

MST Daisy Chaining Support connecting a monitor directly to another monitor. 

Minimizing cable clutter and extending the range of monitors from the source system.

Enhance work productivity with the next-generation display interface.

Use two monitors simultaneously (M1 Macs user please notice the Quick User Guide).

Extend/Mirror Mode for any use cases.


Non-slip Grips Easy plug & unplug, firmly connected to provide a stable signal, snug tight.

Braided Nylon Cable Strong protective cover with stained relief on both ends 

for long-term durability.

Advanced Aluminum Case Minimize interference for stable Wi-Fi, offer fast heat-insulation.

24 FPS in Gemini Man

60 FPS in Gemini Man

Why you should choosing a cable that supports 4K@60Hz?

First you have to know what's the difference between 30Hz and 60Hz.

It basically means the pixels in the screen will update twice as fast. Means that when the content is moving fast like on a game or sports that it will be sharper. 

Unlike that only support a 30Hz refresh rate, 

uni 60Hz cable is ideal to get the most out of your new 4K TV and other devices. 

Your 4K displays deserves the BEST.

*Remember that frame rate (FPS) is how many frames your computer is producing or drawing, while the refresh rate (Hz) is how many times the monitor is refreshing the image on the screen. 

The refresh rate of your monitor does not affect the frame rate.

Generally speaking, 60Hz is the minimum for a good quality, solid experience from a monitor.


Laptops & Tablets: (Incomplete)

MacBook Pro  2020/2019/2018/2017/2016,

MacBook Air  2020/2018, 

MacBook  2017/2016/2015, iMac Pro,  

Mac mini  2020/2018,  iMac 2019/2017, Mac pro,

iPad Pro 11''/12.9'' 2020/2018, iPad Air 10.9’’ 2020

Dell XPS 13/ Dell XPS 15, Dell Latitude 15 5580,

Dell Precision 15 (5510),

Microsoft Surface Go, Microsoft Surface Pro 7,

Microsoft Surface Pro X, Microsoft Surface Book 2, 

Microsoft Surface Book 3, Microsoft Surface Laptop 3,

Google Chromebook Pixel, Chromebook,

Lenovo Yoga 910, Yoga 720, Yoga 900 13",

HP Spectre X360, HP Spectre Convertible,

Razer Book, Razer Book 13, Razer Blade, 

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S, 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/S7,

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7,

and more USB-C devices.


Samsung S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra / S10 / S9 / S8 / 

Note 10 / Note 9 / Note 8

Huawei P40 / P30 / P20 / Mate 10 / Mate 30 / Mate 20

and more


Apple MacOS X 10.6 or later; Google Chrome OS or Windows 10.

USB-C to DisplayPort Cable (4K@60Hz) - 3ft / 6ft / 10ft, usb c to displayport cable, dp to usb type c cable, display port, cable display port, displayport cable for mac, displayport cable for ipad air, nylon braided cable

Tech Specs


USB-C --> DisplayPort Cable


0.9m/ 1.8m / 3m


Up to 4K@60Hz

Also 2K@165Hz, 2K@144Hz




Lifetime Warranty


Support DisplayPort 1.2

How to Use

  1.  Connect the cable to a Display port on your monitor.
  2. Connect the cable to a USB Type-C port on your computer.
  3. To reach 4K (3840 x 2160) @60Hz , make sure your devices support DisplayPort 1.2 protocol.

Any question please contact us


Does This Device Have to Install Software Before Used?

  • NO. It is plug and play. No software required. Reached out for our support team when you needed.

Does this work Mac book pro 2018 that has thunderbolt 3?


This adapter works fine with the MBP 2017 that has Thunderbolt 3. 

Also perfectly fine with MacBook Air (Late 2018 and newer); iMac (Mid 2017 and newer), iMac Pro; Mac Mini (Late 2018 and newer) and more.

See more in the COMPATIBILITY.

Why am I connect the product with my monitor/projector but nothing displays?  

Move to your device’s official website to check out whether it support video output function.

If your device is capable of video output, kindly please contact us for free replacement.

I can’t setup my display to 4K@60Hz while using the product.

Does two of the adapters fit side by side on MacBook pro?


The design of the adapter compromises the width and the elegant radian. Using one USB to USB C adapter on a port won't block the other side-by-side port when using.

It can be use with the MacBook case on?

No problem with my MacBook Air.

By L. Hickman on May 23, 2021

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