USB-C to HDMI: This Black Friday enhance your TV Experience

October 22, 2021 4 min read

Are you looking for a solution to improve your television viewing experience and at a budget? All you need to do is to connect your computer to your TV through a USB-C to HDMI cable. In addition, you can stream audio and video from your phone, tablet, or laptop directly to your TV or external monitors with a USB-C to HDMI connection.


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To give you an idea briefly, HDMI signals are easily carried via USB-C cables and broadcast through HDMI devices. With this relatively new technology, you will enjoy more convenience and minimal wire connection. After all, there are no dongles or adapters required for this connection. To help you improve your watching experience, we've put together an in-depth overview of everything you need to know about a USB-C to HDMI connection.


Still thinking, why do you need a USB-C to HDMI connection?

As previously mentioned, these cables have transformed video and audio technology by allowing you to access your material from any location. In addition, a USB-C to HDMI connection essentially transmits HDMI data to larger screens, allowing for a more immersive video experience.

If you have modern smart devices such as a phone, tablet, or laptop, you should invest in a USB-C to HDMI cable.

These cables are great for consumers who wish to transfer their viewing from laptops, tablets, or smartphones to a larger screen. Furthermore, interfacing with HDMI-based devices like TVs and display monitors is much easier using a USB-C cable.  Source:wiki

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We know that now you wish to know how a USB-C to HDMI connection works?

The functioning mechanism of a USB-C to HDMI connection is rather straightforward. Your TV or external monitors must support this technology for this connection to work, however, Older televisions without HDMI port might not recognize it. But please set in mind the technology will work but only to a limited extent.


Here's how a USB-C to HDMI connection works:


A TV or external monitor will have an HDMI or DisplayPort port and USB 3.1 on your host USB-C port. The video signal will transfer from USB-C end to HDMI end. Some of the cable might converting signal from USB-C to DisplayPort first, then from DisplayPort to HDMI. (*The DisplayPort has been introduced to enable dual-mode operation. Using the dual-mode, usually, know as daisy link.) And most of the USB-C to HDMI on the market is driver-free, but you have to make sure all your system is up to date, so don't worry you don't know how to set up the connection, it just plug and play.


With this setup, all you will need is a USB-C to HDMI cable.


Devices such as smartphones and tablets, on the other hand, contain an output video signal format known as DP alt mode.

The DP alt mode allows USB-C ports to transfer video through multiple interfaces. These include the newly popular DisplayPort interface. External monitors and TVs that don't support this format will have trouble showing material due to this technology arrangement.

Typically, such gadgets are older models dated before 2017.



Now that you are a little convinced, let’s talk about: Does the quality of USB-C to HDMI cable affect the viewing quality?


Does the quality of USB-C to HDMI cable affect the viewing quality?

A USB-C to HDMI cable's quality itself will not affect the viewing quality. However, you have to pay attention to your USB-C device and TV or monitor quality to some point. For example, some smart devices such as laptops will support a higher FPS (frames per second) of up to 60 FPS.


For instance, if your TV supports a 4K@30Hz format and your laptop has a 60 FPS, you will experience video distortion. The most common issue is screen tearing which occurs when your TV tries to combine or merge two frames into one. If you're watching live-action or sports broadcasts, you'll probably notice some gaps in your viewing.


Fortunately, this issue can be resolved. If you choose a TV or monitor with DisplayPort, you can rest assured that the image quality will never deteriorate. Furthermore, even during live-action broadcasts, a TV or monitor with DisplayPort allows 4K@60Hz viewing so that you will not compromise the video output quality.


You can also find good quality USB-C to HDMI cables designed with a reversible function, allowing for backward connections. However, if you want to go for a bidirectional cable, you should expect to pay significantly more.


Wondering, in doubt, still, is it better to use a USB-C to HDMI adapter?

Wondering, in doubt, still, is it better to use a USB-C to HDMI adapter? We understand. However, for the most part, employing a USB-C to HDMI adapter allows you to experience excellent video quality and makes it easier to connect your mobile device devices with larger screens for enhanced viewing. 

A USB-C cable is, in fact, the best way to connect your gadgets to a high-definition TV or monitor.   Nonetheless, if you want to get the most out of this technology, you will need to get the right specs. 

For starters, ensure that your TV or external monitor has HDMI input ports, at the least, has a DisplayPort input. Moreover, make sure the specs of your devices (video input device and display monitor or TV) match to avoid video quality distortion. In this instance, you must confirm that their frequency and frames per second specifications are identical.   But, there is a slight difference between an adapter and a cable. 

Using a USB-C to HDMI adapter requires you to pair it with an HDMI to HDMI cable first. This method has one limitation. You have to ensure you find the best quality HDMI to HDMI cable. This is because a poor Quality cable will affect the streaming quality of the video. On the other hand, a USB-C to HDMI cable offers a direct connection with no distortion or quality issue due to third-party cables.


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