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FAQs on uni Products Compatibility

uni Troubleshooting

How can I determine whether a USB-C Adapter is compatible?

If you want to confirm the device has OTG function:

  Use of USB OTG allows those devices to switch back and forth between the roles of host and device. 

  A mobile phone may read from removable media as the host device, but present itself as a USB Mass Storage Device when connected to a host computer. --src: Wikipedia

If you want to confirm the USB C device has video out function though USB-C port.

  Verify to the type of logo printed beside the interface:

  (1) USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C + Display, with video display function, and theoretical bandwidth with a maximum transfer rate of up to 5Gb/s.

  (2) USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C + Display, with video display function, and theoretical bandwidth with a maximum transfer rate of up to 10Gb/s.

  (3) Thunderbolt 3 connection technology combines PCIExpress data transmission technology and DisplayPort display technology, which can simultaneously transmit data and video signals, providing up to 40Gbp / s bandwidth. (Normally, the icon next to the Thunderbolt 3 interface is only marked with a lightning symbol)

  (4) Check the SPEC information on your device's official website. Confirm if the USB C port-specific saying it carries a video signal, or supply DP Alt mode.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Why can't I use the usb c hub with my Phone?

First of all, you need to confirm if the phone's USB-C port supply video out.

Next, we recommend you to use higher than 65watt charger for phones since the Hub itself will drain power when its ports occupied.

Plus, for a stable connection, avoid connecting devices to the USB-A port that exceeds 900mA when using a hub more than 6 ports from uni.

If it’s still not working properly, please contact us for free replacement. 

The compatible list contains my device. Why Can't I use the item with my device? 

1. Check if the USB C port of your device working properly with a different USB C cord/adapter. 

2. Reboot the device.

3. Go to the system setting to check if you update the setup. Setting -> Connections -> More connections settings 

If you still have issue, please contact us for help.

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