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➜ Can USB-C to HDMI Adapter Works for Moto g Play 2021?

I plug the type-c end into my phone the HDMI part into the tv nothing shows up on the tv. I've tried all HDMI ports and nothing. I search YouTube for help and there's a video with a guy having the same cord and he plugs it in like did and his phone content is being mirrored to tv. Please help I just want to watch what's on my phone on my tv. How to deal with this situation?

Device 1 - Moto g play 2021 , Device 2 - Roku tv 7140x model 43s421
Product - uni USB-C to HDMI Adapter - 4K60Hz



When considering whether the adapter can be used by our device, we need to check whether the port of our main device (i.e. the phone, computer) is supported. Unfortunately, the device and the adapter cannot be adapted.

The device Moto g play 2021 is only compatible with USB Type-C 2.0.

This USB-C to HDMI adapter ONLY works for USB-C 3.1 or above which supplies video output or has DP Alt Mode.

*To be mentions,  the ONLY sets that support this are the g200, edge20 Pro, edge20, edge 2021 USA. 

(for WIRED or wireless connection of phone to a monitor/TV) 

The edge20 Lite, edge+, edge, g100 support phone to PC only.

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