Behind the Design 3 - USB C to Lightning Cable

February 24, 2022 3 min read

Buying the right Lightning cable is much easier than buying the right USB-C to USB-C cable.

If you are looking for a new lightning cable that could replace the one you have been currently using with fraying, you definitely need this cable safe and lasts long

"If I choose one cable for myself, I would first confirm if it is an MFi certificated, since I would never risk my phone in any charging damage. "

Back on Jun 27, 2021, we set up a giveaway for free charging kits for iPhone owns among our fans.
The kit includes a uni USB-C charging cable (latest version). And we've set up another giveaway with our team where the winners will each receive a lightning cable.
uni Giveaway detialed
As always, our team uses our products in our daily life, you can only come out of new ideas after heave use these products, and truly understand what can be improved, or really felt in love with these proudly made by our own.
Well, back to the topic of how you can pick a quality lighting cable. MFi certificated, right?
An MFi certified product will have a logo as follows. You can go to the Apple Official MFi website to check out whether a product is truly MFi certified.
Well, I can proudly guide you through that all uni lighting cables have the MFi certificate.

As more and more devices migrate to USB-C ports, the increase in charging speed relies on this change.

Back in 2019, we got requests from our beta-ers for a USB-C to Lightning cable.
So, we did a survey asking our fans which USB-C to Lightning cable was their favorite.
Everyone was very positive and enthusiastically participated in the survey (again, thank you all).
And get this valuable information,

After knowing most of your needs, we stay insisted on a built-to-last design, and we launched our very first USB-C to Lightning cable:

Design with an extra-thick cable while keeping the size of the lightning head small, allowing your iOS device at a fast charging speed while keeping the case.

However, in 2020, we received mixed opinions about this cable with too sharp edges.

You prefer another cable with smaller connector size and less sharp edges.
We took the suggestion of smoother edges but left the smaller size as our own testing found that longer connectors to be easy to plug in/out at different hand sizes, which we should consider most people's use cases.
Also, this version we've added a better design to protect the cable from excessive bending near the plug and not cause the wires to fray that easily.
Plus, this non-braided TPE USB-C to Lightning cable is a little lighter to carry around.
Smooth Edge
If you are buying a lightning cable, don’t forget uniAccessories!
When we choose to venture into the field of consumer electronics accessories, it is foreseeable that we are bound to be misunderstood, but how does a brand exist without being misunderstood?
Having said all that, just wanted to let you know all these details behind uni products.
Hope you may find the care in our journeys, even if it's just a single function accessory!

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