LIGHTNING | USB-C to Lightning Cable | 1.8m

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Thanks to the newest C94 chip(with MFi certification), this cable provides you 100% compatibility with Apple Lightning devices and a secure fast charging experience. The upgraded user-friendly design and lighter material bring you an unexpected experience.

Fast Charging: 2.5x faster than a standard USB-A cable.
100% Compatibility: Apple MFi certificated cable, ensure full compatibility with your Apples.
Commitments to Details: Smaller connector and smoother the edges. Better anti-slip designs.


Yes, the cable is compatible with iPhone 13. Actually, it is compatible with any Apple device.

Only by using a charger with a USB-C PD interface, a uni cable, and a phone that can support fast charge, can the three meet the requirements to achieve the effect of fast charging the iPhone for 30 minutes and charging 50%.

Please check your USB-C charger and your phone's compatibility of the fast charge.

uni USB-C to Lightning Cable can charge the iPhone 12 up to 50% in about 30 minutes with the 20W adapter. However, when the battery reaches 80%, the phone will enter trickle charge mode (charging protection mode), which means it will charge slower after 80%.

It is recommended not to overuse the phone during fast charging, which will cause the phone to generate more heat.