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Frequently Asked Questions


➜The Ethernet Adapter Works Well for Some Time but Stops Working.

Hello, The USB C to Ethernet Adapter stops working after transferring data to local NAS. The device works well for some time but stops working and MacBook pro gives error no network connection, I have also noticed the USB C to Ethernet Adapter is extremely hot after a certain usage. I have also changed the ethernet cable just to make sure that cable is not causing the issue. Just for FYI I have also have a Caldigit ts3 plus and it works fine on the same laptop without any connection failure.


 Please check the basic connection: main device, adapter, ethernet cable, router is normal.

a. Check if the host device is functioning well. 

b. Check if the adapter works normally. (Tried the adapter with the other USB-C devices.)
c. Check if the Ethernet cable works normally. 

 Besides that, you have to make sure your Internet port on the wall or your wifi dongle works properly, and deactivate the WIFI function on your MBP. 

 Make sure all the above are all good, if the problem still cannot be solved, feel free to contact us for product replacement.

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