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Frequently Asked Questions


➜Lights Do Not Turn on for the Adapter Neither Does it Say It Is Connected

I‘ve put the adapter into a USB 3.0 port and then put the ethernet cable into the adapter however the lights do not turn on for the adapter neither does it say it is connected. I know the problem is not the ethernet port on the wall or the cable as I can use it from other devices.



If you provide both your main device and the adapter model, we can fix up your problem efficiently.

However, if you ensure compatibility between main device and adapter,

Please check points below:

1. Confirm if the host device is functioning well. 

2. Confirm if the adapter works normally. (Tried the adapter with the other USB-C devices.)

3. Confirm the wifi dongle works properly, and deactivate the WIFI function on your MBP.

Make sure all the above are all good, if you still encounter the same situation, you may unplug and replug all of them again.

If still didn’t fix up problem, feel free to contact us to get professional technical guidance.

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