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➜ Can’t Read the SD / MicroSD Cards.

I bought uni SD card reader, why I can’t read my SD/MicroSD Cards?


 1. Check if the OTG setting is enabled.

 2. Check if the SD card is healthy, try a different SD card.

 3. Check if the card file format is FAT32/EXFAT instead of NTFS.

 4. Try another phone or laptop.

 5. If you’re using iPad Pro 2018, check if the pic is camera RAW format (e.g. *.CR2 for Canon / *.NEF for Nikon) and saved in a folder exactly the same as original camera folder.


- Make sure your device supports OTG function.

For some older versions of Samsung, you need to turn on OTG function manually by going to

  Setting -> System (or Other Setting) -> OTG.

- No app is needed to use your uni card reader.

- If you fail to read the SD card, go to Settings and change the usage to Transfer Files.

- Or plug the card reader to your phone first without the SD card, and then insert the SD card.

- Please make sure the SD card format is FAT32/ex FAT. If not, please check the link here and format it first by using your computer.

  For your convenience:

 If you still cannot get it works, kindly please contact us for further help.


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