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➜ Why connecting Amazon Kindle fire 10 HD to a TV(via HDMI) doesn't work?

I bought usb-c to HDMI cable (4K@60Hz). Every time I plugged it into my Kindle fire 10 HD it said there was moisture damage and shut down the port. I did many experiments too long to list here. There was no moisture damage to the Kindle so either the cord had damage . 

Can anyone help me?



Hi, we are so sorry for the unpleasant shopping experience.

Whether the device and the cable/hub support normal use needs to ensure the compatibility of the interface. 

The device Fire HD 10 only compatible with USB 2.0. This USB-C to HDMI cable ONLY works for USB-C w/ DP Alt Mode

Unfortunately, the device and the cable cannot be adapted.


If you still have issues, please contact us for help.


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