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The best laptop accessories for engineering students

It is undeniable that USB-C is the standard connector for everything from laptops, tablets to smartphones. However, every day we still rely on many other connectors and these are not going away anytime soon. 

Recently I bought the latest MacBook Pro, and with just 2 USB-C ports I knew I had to get a hub that would cover all of my needs. After some time researching online, I discovered the Uni 8-in-1 hub and loved how it offers all the ports one can imagine in such a compact size.    

This article is written by Josu Garralda, a 3rd year college student majoring in Computer Engineering in Spain. Fluent in both Spanish and English. MacBook owner mainly on the go at class and library, also set it up on a table connecting to a monitor, ethernet, hard drives and other peripherals.

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As an engineering student at university, I have found myself using the hub almost every day. It offers all ports you need and more: USB-A, HDMI, ethernet RJ-45, SD, microSD and even USB-C with power delivery. By just connecting the hub to the computer you get all your devices connected, fast wired internet and power. It can’t be simpler and faster than that. This is especially important if your computer has only a few USB-C ports. Moreover, now thanks to the hub I even have more ports compared to my old laptop. 

Its size is between the 60W MacBook charger and a stack of cards which makes it super portable. It connects to your device with a braided detachable cable, a must for me as I can choose the length of the cable depending on the situation. Uni offers 0.66 feet,3 feet and 6.6 feet cablesthat work perfectly with the hub. 

It also comes with a protective silicone bumper that protects it from falls. The bumper offers a distinctive look while maintaining a clean and modern design.

267 Reviews
USD 65.99

I still use USB-A pen drives, accessories, external speakers, microphones, webcams, keyboards… I use all of them thanks to the 3 USB-A ports in the hub. 

Two of the USB-A ports are 3.0 and work super fast when I connect my hard drives for regular backups. Of course, I also have all my lighting and microUSB cables that connect to my computer through USB-A and I can still use them. No need to buy new cables! 

To step up my Zoom calls I have been using an external webcam and microphone as well, and the quality improvement is significant compared to the integrated camera and microphone most laptops have. 

Back at home I have my own setup featuring a monitor, speakers, mouse and keyboard that help improve my posture, comfort as well as my productivity. With just the hub I am able to connect everything with just one cable. And I also charge the computer thanks to the USB-C power delivery port. I can’t be more convenient than that! It delivers up to 100W of power, so no matter how power hungry your laptop is the hub will handle it well. 

At the moment I use a FullHD monitor, but I know this hub is futureproof as the HDMI port can output up to 4K quality at 30 Hz. If the router is not far from the desk connecting to the internet through a wired connection is going to change your workflow. Wi-Fi has its limitations, and you won’t believe how much faster you work when you plug the ethernet cable to the RJ45 port of the hub. 

267 Reviews
USD 65.99

I am also an avid traveler and I love documenting my vacations with a DSLR and GoPro cameras, but the camera’s tiny screen doesn’t make any justice to the pictures I take. So, I always take the hub with me and at the end of the day I gather my family and friends in front of the hotel room and show the pictures in a big-screen TV. I just connect my SD and microSD cards to the hub and output the images to the TV through HDMI. I also take advantage to make daily backups, just in case. By the way, if you have one of the newer iPads or other USB-C devices you’ll be able to do the same.It’s amazing how much more things you can do with the hub.  

If you own any USB-C device, put this accessory on your shopping list

Whether you’re working on your next project or on vacation away from home the Uni 8-in-1 USB-C hub works in every situation you can imagine. Not only it gives you the ability to connect to all types of ports, but it comes in a sleek sturdy aluminum body protected by a silicone bumper. The braided detachable cable ensures that it will work for a long time, and you can change it so that it fits better to your needs. In my opinion, this hub checks all the boxes and I’m fairly confident that you’ll love it too.

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