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➜ Why Does the Monitor Connected via the HDMI Port on the Hub Not Work Properly?

I use the uni hub and would like to connect my monitor via the HDMI port. But it doesn't display, what's going on?



 a. Make sure the USB-C ports of your devices support HDMI video output. Please contact the manufacturer of your devices if needed.

    ➡️ When you confirm that the device supports video data transfer, we troubleshoot the problem with the accessory.

 b. Try to use another HDMI to HDMI cable.

 c. Try to connect another USB-C port or another HDMI port.

 d. Double-check the configuration.

      - MacOS:

      - Windows:

 *Some monitors only support 4k@60hz over DisplayPort, if you’re not sure about it, please consult the manufacturer.

Try to reverse and replug the hub connector with your devices. 

Or contact us directly.

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