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➜ The 8/6 in 1 Hub Cannot Work.

Why my 8/6 in 1 Hub cannot work when connecting my laptop?



To check if there is a problem with all ports connected to the hub or is it that a single interface is receiving limitations.

Please check following steps below:

1. Tried other USB C devices on the hub.

2. If HDMI won't work, but other port can. Check if the HDMI to HDMI cable works in good conditions, try a different HDMI cable and output display.

3. Try to reverse the two USB C ends of the USB C connected cable and reconnect.

4. Resetting

- Mac User: Reset the System Management Controller(SMC) 
- Windows User: Try these solutions.

5. Please don't swap the detachable cable that came from the hub.

*Note:  The USB C port on the other side is a Power delivery Port, it only can be used to supply power.
  · The detachable USB C to C cable that came with the hub, can’t be replaced by our USB C to C 2.0 charging cable.

If still cannot fix the issue, kindly please contact us for free replacement. 


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