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➜ Why my Pixel 4 fail to connect projector directly with HDMI cable? Says no signal?

Situation:When I connect my Google Pixel 4A smartphone to present what is on my phone screen onto my Dell Lattitude E6420 laptop monitor, nothing happens. The light on the HDMI C side of the adapter is on.  I had the HDMI cord plugged into the HDMI input on the adapter and the other side plugged into the HDMI input of the laptop. I have tried multiple times but nothing happens on either device.

Device 1 - Google Pixel 4A 

Device 2 - Dell Latitude E6420



For model Pixel 4A, unfortunately does not support USB-C to HDMI. 

The Pixel USB-C port is not video-enabled.

That’s the reason why nothing happens on either device.

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