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➜Is It Possible Connect Android Phone to Ethernet?

How do I connect my Android phone to ethernet?


It's possible connect Android phone to ethernet!


Things to prepare:

·USB Type-C to RJ45 Adapter

·RJ45 Cable/internet cable

·Router (with Internet)


Follow the step:

 1. Plug the Rj45 cable to the router.

 2. Connect the Rj45 cable to the adapter.

 3. Connect the adapter to your phone (with USB C Port that supply OTG).

 4. Now check the notification and if you see the "Ethernet cable connected" on your phone, then set up the configuration. 

* If not, you have to go to Setting -> Connections -> More connections settings -> Ethernet -> Configure Ethernet device. 

  Before connecting the device, you have to configure, otherwise, you can not figure the device's IP address. 

  *Recommend choosing the DHCP, with auto-config -> None.

 5. Then enable the Ethernet. (Don't forget to turn off your mobile data.)

 6. Next, check the indicators on the adapter if it is blinking.

 Finally, you are good to go.


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