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You can check the general questions first,
also browse the topics below to find out what you are looking for.

uni Questions on Displays

Video & Displays

Questions related to video & displays.

HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and more.

uni FAQs on Data transfer


Questions related to Data transfer.

USB, SD, Micro SD, Ethernet, and more.

uni FAQs on Charging


Questions related to charging.

Mostly USB C.

uni FAQs on hubs

HUB & multiport

Questions related to Hubs.

8 in 1 Hub, 6 in 1 Hub, and more.

uni FAQs on How to use the products


User Guide, user manual, and more.

(Only got USB C to Ethernet Adapter right now. More on the way.)

uni FAQs on compatibility of the products


Products compatibility questions.


Do you ship to PO boxes?

YES. We do ship to PO boxes. Please supply a specific street address for the post office.

What are the different shipping options?

Normally, our shipping options are as follows,

Standard: 5-7 Business days 

Expedited: 3-5 Business days 

Priority: 2-3 Business day

Some countries might get a little delay, due to the different warehouse locations.

I was not given an order number, but I was still charged?

This can mean that your payment did not fully process or complete. 

Typically, the charge will be reversed within 3-7 days. 

If you are still concerned, or the charges do not reverse after a week has passed, contact your bank or credit card company, and let them know about the issue.

Or contact us directly.

How long after my purchase can I request a refund or exchange?

We allow returns for up to 30 days after the initial purchase date. 

Please email support at, and they will help take care of your request.

What are the available payment methods?

Currently, we accept: American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, Maestro, JCB, Diners Club and VISA.

How do I track my order?

You will receive an email with a tracking number after the order has been confirmed.

Or email

I did not receive a tracking number for my order

  • The first email you should receive is a confirmation of your order. 
  • If you have not yet received it, it means we are still processing your order. 
  • Once your item has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. 
  • Products usually take between 5-7 business days to arrive. 
  • If they do not arrive within the estimated time frame, please email support at, and let us know there is an issue.

How long does it take for products to arrive from your website?

Please allow up to 1-2 business day to give us time to mark your order for fulfillment. 
Once the order is marked, we will receive the tracking number from our shippers and send you an email with your tracking information. 
From the initial time of ordering to the time of delivery, it should take somewhere between 5-7 business days for your order to arrive.

Can I change my shipping address?

In accordance with our policy, we cannot change shipping addresses once the order been confirmed. 
You can attempt to cancel the order with us:

How long is your warranty period?

Our products are covered against manufacturer defects for lifetime period. 
If you received a faulty product, please contact us, and we will send you a replacement unit.

What shall I do if my card is declined?

Below are a list of reasons why your payment did not go through: 
- Your card issuer might be having technical issues that prevent us from requesting an authorization on your card. 
- Your card issuer might block the payment for security reason, as it doesn't fit your regular spending pattern. 
- Your card is not activated for online payments. 
- There could be a sending limit on your card that has been exceeded. 
- The network you are using to make the payment is not secure or unstable. 

To help you make a payment successfully, you may want to try the following: 
- Using a different card to make your payment again. 
- Try using PayPal Express Checkout and choose credit card. 
- A PayPal account is not required but should help with processing the order. 
- Contact your card issuer to check if your card is valid, and can be used to make online payments, or if there is any recent technical issue or restriction on your card. 
- Use a secure network to make your payment.

Where can I place B2B Orders?

Any questions about B2B orders, please contact

Some basic info about our company, currently we are still a small team with a total number of 20+ people working, based in Shenzhen, China, working our best to establish a brand that focuses on design, quality, package, and customer service. The short-term goal for us is to design, build, manufacture, sell, and provide great customer services for our customers in the USB-C market space. In the long run, we will be expanding into other accessories space that fits our company philosophy. 

Please let us know what you intend to do with this bulk/wholesale order. Online channels like eBay is fine.  Another offline market is also fine with us. 

But please do inform us what you plan to buy them for, this way, we will better understand each other and go for the long-term cooperation and collaboration. 

And it will be nice if you could elaborate more about your company. 

Visit this page for more details. 

Return Policy

uniAccessories has a 30-day return policy and we try to keep the whole process simple. 

If you purchase a product directly from our website and you want to return it within 30 days of purchase, you may contact us at

We can provide up to $6 to cover your return cost.Refunds and return cost will be paid asap after we check the returned products. 

Although, we don't accept the refund applications if we find the products are damaged by misused. 

Customers will be responsible for the returned products until they reach us, you should retain your proof of postage. 

The policy above is applicable for orders from

Still have questions?

We strive for reliable quality, and easy-to-reach customer service. We'd love to hear more about you. 

If you need help or wanna share anything with us, we'll always be here for you.